GCGCNY Cell Plans

Cell Based Ministry

To glorify god as a cell based church, passionately mulitplying disciples locally and worldwide

Grace Chinese Gospel Church Vision Statement

What are Cells?

A place for fellowship and spiritual growth. As cells grow in size (reach a steady 12), they will multiply. Cell groups practice the 5 pillars at GCGC Prayer, Evangelism, Equipping, Edification, Leadership Development.

Cell Vision Statement

Cell groups are here to glorify God as we grow spiritually and seek to fulfill the Great Commission through body life.  To achieve this purpose each group member aims at practicing the following:

  • Love and accept one another unconditionally
  • Pray for one another
  • Be accountable to group members for Christian living
  • Serve and build up each other by using spiritual gifts
  • Learn and live out God’s Word
  • Complete D & E
  • Lead people to Christ as a team
  • The things said in a cell are confidential and will not be shared outside the group except with zone pastor and zone supervisor

When the group reaches a steady 12, it will reproduce to multiply the blessing to others.  As you grow and are led by God, you may begin to lead and shepherd a cell group.

updated: 2023-10-31